Soap Popsicles

Soap on a stick. These soaps are super cute and kids can hang on to them! $6.00 ea

Scents: Strawberries and Cream: White tip, clear red base with seeds 

Mint Chocolate : Mint green base with brown chocolate chunks

Coming soon: Watermelon, Apple Pie, and Funky Monkey

Scent Choice


Peanut Butter & Jelly Soap Sandwiches

Kids will love to wash with these cute glycerin soaps. They even smell like strawberry and have "seeds" for extra scrubbing power. This is a gentle, natural soap that comes sliced in 2 sections like a real sandwich.

Scent: Strawberry, does have coloring
Skin Loving Benefit: It is a natural emollient which draws moisture to your skin.

$5.50 ea

Solid Lotion Massage Bars

Silky soft lotion in a solid bar. Use after a bath or shower as a lotion, or as a massage bar with your partner.   These bars are safe for all ages, even babies and come in different butter types; a little goes a long way. Great for stretch marks, dry skin and eczema.

Color: White - Yellow Depending On Butter Type, No Coloring Added
Scent: Cocoa Butter is Natural, Shea Butter Has Available Choices
Skin Loving Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Almond Oil, Vitamin E

All Natural Cocoa Butter Bar 
Scented Shea Butter Bar
Scented Shea & Cocoa Butter Bar
 (Various shapes and sizes, but all are about 2 oz in weight)

$7.00 ea


Solid Sugar Scrubs

Try a sweet smelling solid sugar scrub in the shower for renewed soft skin. Comes in a Pack with 8 little single-use cubes filled with sugar and sweet almond oil.

Image Coming Soon

Scent: Choices Available
Color: Depends On Scent
Skin Loving Ingredients: Mild Glycerin Soap, Sugar, Almond Oil

$6.00 for 8 Cubes

Scent Choice