The Story

I've always been a beauty junkie, stocking my bathroom with all sorts of makeup, face cleaners, nail polish,  bath salts and such. Maybe if I had paid attention to my artistic ability along with my obsession with beauty I would have gone straight to beauty school instead of puttering around three different colleges for five years with nothing to show for it.

With the adoption of our youngest, Nicole, I began buying many lotions and hair creams in an attempt to keep her dry skin moist. Some worked pretty well, but I wanted to see what I could make. At one point, her skin was so dry that the skin behind her knees split open and she had sensitive open wounds. So I bought some natural butters and started experimenting with different mixtures and applying to her skin often. Soon the sores were healing and her skin was super soft.

After those first few batches I was hooked. it was so much fun to make, too. I started researching natural ingredients and the benefits on the skin, and began to make more products. I also researched ingredients in the lotions I had been buying. Almost every ingredient was chemically produced and most were warned as causing cancer or being irritating to the skin.

As I made new concoctions I let friends and family try them and test them for me as well. Now they are all hooked, too! And so this journey began....I hope it helps make you all softer, cleaner, and more beautiful as well.