The Products

My products are made from natural ingredients, with little or no preservatives, so it is best to use them quickly. I use fragrance lightly, since I am allergic to most commercial perfumes and lotions myself.

Some items will be available without any added scent or coloring. With my body butters you can request a stronger scent if you wish, just let me know your preferences when ordering.

I don't color the bath products, just for the sake of appearance, what you see is what you get (I will tell you if an item has coloring in it). I also use very minimal packaging, because, I happen to like our planet!

My husband and I are both OCD - germ-aphobic - non smokers. So you can be sure your products are fresh and clean. All of my cooking utensils are reserved just for bath items and are washed and sterilized before use.

Products Available:
Whipped Body Butter 4 oz
Solid Massage Lotion Bars
Soap Pop Tarts
Peanut Butter & Jelly Soaps
Popsicle Soaps
Apple Pie Soaps

Available Scents:
Oatmeal Milk and Honey
Cocoa My Mango
Black Cherry
Bake Me a Cake
Chocolate Mint
Funky Monkey

Items Coming Soon:
More Cute, Fun Soaps
Beautiful, Handcrafted Natural Soaps
Lip Balm
And more.....